Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Women and depression

Women and Depression
Sometimes it seems that the World is laying on our shoulders

Today’s woman often finds herself having to wear different hats all at the same time: A wife, a homemaker, a mother, an employee, a professional, a businesswoman. Superman has retired only to pass the baton to the SUPERMOM! No wonder drug companies are making billions selling antidepressants.

One out of five Americans are suffering from depression with the majority of them being women.

Research has shown that some forms of depression are due to a chemical imbalance. It has also shown that all forms of depression are triggered by life stressors such as separation, divorce, death, going to college, work, etc.

Many women experience intense depression after the birth of a child. Postpartum depression is often caused by hormonal changes after birth. However, if there are other stressful factors in the woman’s life such as marital/family problems or history of depression or anxiety, post partum depression can become a serious and long lasting problem with serious repercussions for the whole family.

Depression is not anyone’s fault and it is not weakness. It is an illness that needs professional help by a qualified mental health professional often in corporation with your physician.

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