Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar….

He came to therapy because of his mood swings. He would go from a sweet, laid back, funny guy who everyone loved, to losing his temper because someone cut him off while driving or the kids were too loud or the wind was blowing the wrong way. You name it, it could set him off. If I don’t get my Mr. Hyde under control I will lose my family doc, he said to me in tears.

So, we worked on stabilizing his moods. “Keeping it level” became his new mantra while his great sense of humor kept everyone in his life steadfast in “his corner” while he worked on his issues.

One day he came in with the familiar twinkle in his eye that invariably forecasted a joke.How are you doing? I asked expectantly.
Well, he said, yesterday I went to pick up a pizza for dinner. It smells great, I told Antonio as he handed me the steaming box of pepperoni, my mouth watering already. “Yes, man” Antonio said “keep it level.” I thought it was divine providence reminding me of my resolution not to lose my temper. You too man, you too, I shot back at him with a broad smile and walked out of the restaurant. It was not until I opened the box at home and saw that the whole cheese and sauce had dripped to the side of the box that it dawned on me: “keep the box even, keep the box even!!”

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar or… a pizza. Thanks for all the laughs Joe.