Sunday, December 19, 2010

The little silver Treee

I have a little silver Christmas tree in my office. It went up a few years back with the 3 or 4 ornaments patients brought me as gifts, and just like that a new and wonderful tradition was born: Four weeks before Christmas the tree goes up; during the last 2 weeks patients come in, like the biblical Magi, ornament in hand; we walk up to the tree, they find a free spot, hang their ornament up and whisper a wish.

Today the little silver tree stands heavy with all its ornaments; its branches proudly holding all the dreams and hopes people entrusted it with. There is the shinning red ball for Good Health, and the glittery gold one for that Hoped for Special one, and oh… look, look; do you remember that pink one over there? It was for the much hoped for Baby, and many cat ornaments for the cat-loving therapist (yours truly). On the top sits a crystal star I call Hope because as long as there is hope to light up the path, Psych will unfold its potential and life will find its way.

Through the years a lot of those wishes came true, others are still hatching in the glow of Hope. This year with the dark cloud of the global financial collapse still hanging over us and still in the midst of uncertainty and fear; I too walked up to The Tree ,as I had done so many times before, hung up my ornament and whispered the same ancient but never dated word: PEACE.