Sunday, January 18, 2015

In Searchg of our Shadow

How can I be substantial if I don't cast a shadow?
I must have a shadow side also if I am to be whole

The Mantra of our times reverberating everywhere from pop psychology books to yoga rooms to inspirational/ motivational talks is: Think positive, avoid negativity in all its forms, and befriend people who exude positive energy.  All this is great and I fully endorse it, with one provision that on the surface appears contradictory, but it is not: We need to search, find and intimately acquaint ourselves with our own shadow, our own negative side.

The negative, harmful, hateful side of us which we  turn a blind eye to is the evil we will project, see and punish in our neighbors, spouse, friends. But most of all our shadow will often trip us when we try to pursue our goals, trap us when we yearn for freedom, betray us in our pursuit of love.

All of us will do just about anything possible to avoid looking at our negative side. But unless and until we do, we are doomed to repeat the most painful parts of our past.