Sunday, May 18, 2014

In memorium

In our life's journey, there are people who cross our path and forever change it for the best. They are the bright beacons that in the darkest of the nights, in the roughest of the storms help us find safe harbors. They are the friends, teachers, mentors and therapists.

Dr. leigh McCullough was all these for me and much more! Her light in this world was very tragically and prematurely extinguished. Those of us who were touched by her brilliance and compassion will miss her terribly and for ever.

To my teacher, mentor and colleague I have this promise to make as a tribute to her memory: I will carry her words, her work and compassion forward. I will do my best to become as good a therapist and professional as she was. Rest in peace my teacher, your light will forever burn bright in my mind and heart.