Sunday, February 14, 2016

Therapy: An alchemy of the mind

New patients often asked me what therapy is and how it works. Veterans ( anywhere from a month to a year) have already figured it out.

It's a unique kind of a relationship, I tell them. It is mental alchemy: Two souls/minds coming together, and forever changing each other.

So, what exactly is it?
It's the most intimate relationship with someone you will never get to know personally, but who will know your innermost essence.

It's about talking about everything without concern that you are boring, because she sees not just your conscious mind, but also your unconscious, and IT is infinitely amazing, and endlessly fascinating.

It's about finding the mother you have always dreamed of and learning how to lovingly re-mother your own self, because this is how you really begin to forgive.

It's about finding your wings and surging to new heights.

It's  leaving someone you loved deeply and felt equally loved by and knowing at the same time that it is OK, that she will always by an indelible presence in your heart.

It's an Odyssey of the heart and mind that brings you to an Ithaca of wisdom and peace.