Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Love in the stock exchange

I was reading an article in Sunday’s New York Times that impressed me for its cut to the chase, stripped to the bones approach to love. I am not particularly enamored with economists, especially considering the recent, multiple and apparently unending financial fiascos( and mind you my brother is one of them, not the fiascos, the economists)but I have to give this particular author the credit he deserves. For those of you who missed it I thought I'd summarize, augment, opine, etc.

So, here is then how our friend the economist brokers love:

1. Love is an investment: the more you invest the larger your return. You invest caring and interest and giving you will receive dividends of the same kind and amount. Assuming of course that the other person subscribes to the same philosophy. This last caveat is important and not negotiable.

2. Love is a "bond" and like all bonds the high quality ones yield more return than the junk. The implication is clear: High quality people will yield high quality relationships. If you believe you are in a junk relationship it behooves you to start running as fast as possible. And if you think that you will find a piece of coal and turn it into a diamond, forget it! This job is reserved for highly qualified tradesmen, called psychologist.

3. Research pays: since in matters of love diversification is impossible, learning not to judge a book by its cover is very important. Do your homework. What glitters is not always gold.

4. Returns are greater when there is monopoly. If you have to compete for someone, just forget the whole thing. There are other opportunities waiting.

5. Long term investment pays off. Impatience will not be rewarded. One night stands are doomed to eventual years of emotional bankruptcy.

5. Be realistic. Nothing comes from nothing and for most of us going from sitting in the couch watching "the biggest looser" to having Prince Charming head over heals in love with us, just does not happen.

6. Finally, when you find the winner, stick with him/her.

And my all times favorite: have many cats and dogs. They are the unending reservoir of love and acceptance.

Does this all sound too unromantic? Oh well, welcome to the 21st century.