Wednesday, December 5, 2012

News from the little Silver Christmas Tree

I have written before about my little silver Christmas Tree; the bearer of wishes?  the reminder of Hope?

Well it is not as little any more, it has grown, along with the number of Well wishers and the ornaments they have lovingly hanged on it. 

This year however, there will be one ornament that will take center stage and one wish, wrapped in determination and bolstered by hard work, that will be heard the loudest:  The wish that our  mercilessly  struck and deeply scarred by the storm Jersey shore will recover and rebuild fast.  We will wish that the coming summer will find our beaches shinning again under the bright sun and that the people whose homes were devastated will shoot new roots and build new memories.  We will wish that our communities, like the mythic phoenix,   will be reborn stronger and even more beautiful out of the rubble of the disaster.

This Is my special wish for the “little” Christmas tree this year.  And have I told you?  It always comes true….