Friday, August 24, 2007


Let’s talk about “coping”

Do you feel the stress barometer rising, or is it just me?
The kids are going back to school and so are the parents: Homework, PTA meetings, practices, dance lessons, and what seems to be endless driving from one place to another. And the holidays are coming!!
For most of us juggling 5 balls at the time is the norm rather than the exception. Finding ways to cope is the proverbial “life boat”

Here are some suggestions for life’s small and big problems:
• Make connections. Support groups or friends may have a fresh perspective or simply a clearer mind.
• Avoid making mountains out of molehills. “Stuff” happens; just don’t step on it.
• Life is full of changes. Keep in mind that it is the tree that does not bend with the wind that breaks in the storm.
• Make clear and attainable goals and move toward them. Size does not matter small accomplishments do count.
• Make up your mind. Indecision is anxiety’s best friend.
• Never stop learning about yourself. A crisis can make you stronger if you can learn something valuable out of it.
• Maintain a hopeful outlook. Think of what you want not of what you are afraid of. Visualizing success is the first step toward it.
• Take care of yourself. Exercise, eat healthy, feed your spirit and maintain a positive image of yourself.