Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The strong feminine

On the day when it will be possible for woman to love not in her weakness but in strength, not to escape herself but to find herself, not to abase herself but to assert herself -- on that day love will become for her, as for man, a source of life .
Simone De Beauvoir.

More often than not, it's not the outside man whom we as women have to fight to earn equality, but our internalized father, in other words, our need, often obsession, to please, to be agreeable, to be all accommodating.

As women we often confuse caring for others with total neglect of our needs and individuality. Sometimes our whole femininity is sacrificed at the altar of "mothering" not only of our kids, but the whole world around us.

It's time  to leave our daddy's house, to stop relying on a man, any man, to define who we are and what we can become. Now, more than any other time in the past the world needs the strong Feminine to heal the damage that centuries of shortsightedness has caused.

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