Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mother Nature is giving me a migraine

If you suffer from migraines you may have noticed that the frequency of attacks has increased this past year. But before you run to your neurologist in panic let me remind you that weather-related phenomena can cause a throbbing headache.Rapid changes in barometric pressure can change the charge concentration in the air and in turn flood the brain with serotonin which can cause head pain. The lightning from a thunderstorm may also cause a migraine. Actually it is 28% more likely that you will suffer a migraine during lighting.I think we can all agree that Mother Nature is having an angry fit this year across the Glob and those of us who suffer from migraines are keenly aware of her moods.

Other triggers for migraines include:
Emotional stress (good or bad stress)
Changes in schedule (weekends is often the time for an attack)
Traveling (especially airplanes)
Hormonal changes
Certain groups of food
Hunger (don't skip meals)
Strong smells like certain perfumes
Flashing lights
Noise and loud sounds

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